Clamp on Power Meter

power clamp on
Upande’s Clamp-On power meter solution involves computing the amount of power going through a line without breaking the circuit and accessing this information remotely. The clap-on is used on electrical wiring that has already been installed, simply snap it around a conductor and lock. Smart monitoring is made possible by automation of wattage readings from the clamp-on meter, to a logger and into the Upande’s IoT platform.
Power data is presented on the dashboard in kilowatt-hours. The clamp-on meters have a capacity to transform 100-600Amps to a 5A or 4-20mA output and achieve an accuracy of 5% to 120% of rated current for frequencies 50 and 60 Hz.

The Clamp-On Power Meter is transformational for businesses and/or operations needing control/ economy of power usage as:

  • Energy generators
  • Energy and power distributors
  • Industrial use where tracking of consumption must be established
  • Real Estates/Apartments